Corporate Entertainment BY Doug Segal Mind Reader
Doug is the most exciting of the new breed of contemporary British “Mind Readers” “Mind Magicians” or “Psychological Entertainers” but is probably best marked out as being the only one with a sense of humour.
He has been described by TimeOut magazine as “the UK’s best kept entertainment secret”. The Metro newspaper said “one of the funnier more entertaining mental illusionists”
Constantly in demand Doug performs around the world at Theatres, Comedy clubs, Universities, Corporate events, Arts Festivals, private functions as well as trade show work, conference hosting and awards ceremony hosting.
Doug is not a magician, clairvoyant or a hypnotist, everything he does is achieved though application of principles learned in his previous career spent working in Advertising Agencies: Persuasion techniques, statistics, insight into the way people think and make decisions, along with those two key advertising skills – Cheating and Lying.

Career Highlights:

• WINNER – Best Cabaret Brighton Fringe 2012
• WINNER – Three Weeks Editors Award for being one of the ten best things (out of 2,700) at Edinburgh Fringe 2012
• BBC One – Two live 10min spots on BBC ONE New Years Live with Natasha Kaplinski & Claire Balding. The audience of 9.5 million live viewers is a record for any performer of this type in the UK and a worldwide record for live performance.
• BBC3 Mischief – Together with presenter Becca Wilcox Doug performed a live show and tricked an audience of students into giving up all of their darkest secrets on camera.
• Two sell out UK tours
• Two sell out nights headlining the comedy and cabaret section of The Hull Freedom Festival 2012
• Predicting the results of the 2012 Olympics on BBC Scotland
• Nippon TV – “London Entertains”. A Japanese showcase of the best UK stage acts.
• RTL5 – Holland’s highest rating chat show Jensen! Doug is a regular guest on the show which has made him well known and popular in Holland despite not speaking a word of Dutch! One of Doug’s appearances on Robert’s chat show “Jensen!“ was described as the “….best TV moment on Dutch TV in 2007” by a Dutch TV reviewer.
• The Quartz Arts Festival Headlining the penultimate night of the festival to a full house.

© Doug Segal 2010