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You’re probably here looking for the stand up comedian Doug Segal. You’ve found him. That’s me:

Doug has been a full time comedy performer since 2011.

He has had numerous TV appearances, National theatre tours, sell out Edinburgh Fringe runs and has won:

The ThreeWeeks Editor’s Award at Edinburgh Fringe (2013)

Best Cabaret Award at Brighton Fringe (2013)

Best Comedy Award at Shaftesbury Fringe (2016)

Most Improved Behaviour Award at Stepney Green Boys School (1980)

But you might also potentially be looking for the multi award winning Comedy Mind Reader – Doug Segal. That’s also me but I’m trying to lay that act to rest. I will still do it but only for corporate events and only for appropriately obscene sums of money. You can find that by clicking here: https://dougsegal.co.uk